It's my favourite book. I liked them together before but that book made me love them so much. They're just the cutest thing ever. I wish the show would have adapted a bit of that at least.

ugh for me that book proves that they were indeed soulmates, but i confess that i wasn’t really used to a serena that loved nate too much or to a nate that questioned what he really wanted lol. i would’ve LOVED to have the NBS triangle in the show but for me all triangles involving serena-nate-another girl would be useless in show-verse since he wouldn’t think twice. :\

i would’ve wanted to see the NSD triangle a little bit more. if it was a solid thing from the start it could’ve been amazing.

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  1. naleys said: reading this just made me think of how much i wanted a NBDS love square. fml.
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