reading this just made me think of how much i wanted a NBDS love square. fml.

i just really really really really wanted the NSD triangle to be well developed. you know how in skins we can always understand freffy/ceffy/frook? i really wanted to understand serenate/derena/date. but when the triangle happened it didn’t sell ANY of these. date was a mess. derena was a disgusting retcon (in fact S4-6 is why i hate them the most) and serenate was pushed aside with no real explanation. it would be so beautiful. we could have had it all.

the love square would be cool as well, can you even imagine? it would be the true fight, like, your first love x your true love. meh. i mean, i don’t mind having chuck thrown in the middle but i still think his role was to find himself as a person while being used as comic relief lol.

i actually have this whole idea of how i’d rewrite S1/S2 and if anyone’s interested i can keep babbling about it lmao.

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  1. naleys said: oh, god, please, keep talking about it. i’m always crying at all the possibilities. your first love x your true love. plus, dan wanted inside, blair is the queen; nate and serena wanted to escape, to be free. I JUST DON’T GET IT ;___;
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